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Friday, October 26, 2007

Life in motion.......................

yeah yeah, say it...movie addict, typical engineering student, wasted i.t. professional. i wouldn't mind it, since most of the things are true(most......). i love watching movies. they were the only entertainment during all the boring exams, the only solace during submissions and journal writing(man, you must've seen our journal size...and we wrote it with our own hands!!!...someone give us some medal!!) . jokes apart, but really movies help us a lot. knowing things that we would have discovered after ages, stretching our imagination and god knows how many more things.

but hey, i am not here to talk about the advantages of watching movies. but wanted to talk about them. to be specific, two of them. one is my all time favourite, jack black's "school of rock" and the other one is a lesser known and ok-ok sorts (but mind it, i love both of them......the movies you pervert!!) "Rockstar". as you have already deducted using your very sharp brain that both of these movies are coherent to my favourite form of music i.e. rock.

but this is where the similarity ends. school of rock (lets call it s.o.r...........getting tired typing............:P ), humorously and very beautifully shows how a desperate rock musician (jack black.....boy one of his best performances) wants to get a band together to play in the "battle of the bands" and then when he finds none, he gets into a school on his buddy's name and discovers that the kids there can actually understand music better than many. he then opens up the world of magic, rock, dedicatedly and earnestly and very \m/-ly to them . some very beautiful instances, the way jack actually unveils the true face of rock, those awesome kids (katie the bass player is the best ............she is so cute) and the transition from classical music and attitude to rock. amazingly portrayed. the covert practise sessions , those facial expresssion, the police case and then the gig at the end!!...........amazing ..................too good..........(guiatr solo and drum roll.....heheheheh)

on the other hand, "rockstar" is about a rock singer who is part of a small time "tribute" band and when life decides to get lucky, he gets to be a member of the very same band, who he used to sing ...............rather worship. very astutely and artistically, the director manages to show the life and struggle of a budding rock musician. the dreams and aspirations and the whole lot. and when he actually becomes the full fledged vocalist of "steel dragon", how his relations with the band start of and turn out to be. along the way , the movie also manages to show the price that a rockstar has to pay for being what he is(mark wahlberg actually almost loses jennifer anniston.................:(..........) and the excesses of leading such a life. the good and the bad parts of it. but then (predictably.....yawwwwnnnnnnnn), the hero comes to his senses and learns that his life is not going the way he wanted to go and returns to what he does best, singing what he wants to sing and getting back to jennifer aniston. all is well and that ends well.

both movies, when taken into perspective, exactly show what i feel about rock or how my opinions came to be what they are. where s.o.r. teaches us the magic of rock and what it actually means , rockstar makes us aware of what the life of an aspiring musician can hold. fantastically all sides covered. and that is what makes me want to be a rock star. i want to discover that magic for myself and learn how to play something with dexterity (have started on drums cause they can take a lot of pounding..............;)..........heheh). i want to struggle and fight my way to the big stage. i want to face those fans , whose numbers grow from tens to thousands to millions(all this provided you manage to make yourself good enough). i want to indulge in those excesses, those material pleasures which are the most enticing part of such a lifestyle. i want to bust my butts touring around the world and stretching my body to its physical limits. i want to have those very "intense" discussions about life and music with my band mates. i want to be in that cramped studio and feel excited about recording an album. i want to fight with my band mates on creativity and maybe get fired also(on second thoughts .............no.........:D......).

having started off, i am experiencing some of these right now. but why not go the whole nine yards and see how it looks from the other side. when you have band mates like i have, the drive of doing something, the desire to stick it to the man and the raw passion for music, you basically have the right ingredients for the perfect recipe of a journey called "an exciting life". something which no novel can capture for you, which no tale can unravel for you. and when u step out of the boat on the opposite bank of the river, you can at least be sure that you have lived life which is worth remembering. today i remember how the rock greats lived (ozzy osbourne, metallica), how they pushed past some very huge obstacles (def lepards, rush) and also how they died (nirvana, led zeppelin). maybe many years down the line, my name would be remembered with the same love, respect and admiration(maybe even hate, malice and jealousy) as these. and that is what i live for.....that is what i yearn for...................and that is what i believe in. so, keep rocking and listening to "nothing else matters" cause that is what it says!


  1. check out Metal:A headbanger's Journey by Sam Dunn
    That will probably inspire u more

  2. thanx for the link mate.....it has inspired me even more...........grateful to ya