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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upon this stone, this city shall stand......

On this sad day of the passing of Nelson Mandela, I read another terrible news. Now, this is as terrible as things get and usually I will say many unkind words about priests, pedophiles (not sure there is a difference, but I will reserve the judgement) and religion and go my way. For I cannot do more than that.

But this news comes out of St Paul, Minnesota. One of the Twin Cities, where I spent 2 very happy years of my life and feel very connected to the Twin Cities and its people. Of course, its in the name. St Paul. And of course, as anybody else drawn to this city, I went to the Cathedral of St Paul, several times. Marveling at its beauty. Enamoured by this royal edifice.

I remember sitting in this magnificent building, one wintery morning. Looking at the stained glass portraits. And the crucifix. Statues of the saints. And thinking to myself. This is what us humans can do when we come together, for a common cause. This is what represents a great side of human nature. Creating beauty. It truly is a testament to the best of our species. And without the people, this is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So, such a thing should happen in the Cities that I love, makes me very very sad. It truly does. These Cities gave me a million beautiful sights and sounds and the people treated me with care and warmth. I truly hope that justice prevails in this case and the victims can find some peace and closure.

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