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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Moving mountains

What is true joy? Inner peace? They do sound like buzz words, pop culture references to something that has been buried under a mountain of cliches. So, you and me do not care for such, when going about your daily routines.

But when those quotidian distractions are removed, to an extent where you feel detached from normal life, is where you can start to search for the true meaning of those phrases. You have done a long and tiring hike, you are driving through a narrow, beautiful road in the high Rocky Mountains. And this song is playing on the sound system.

You come to a halt. Your senses are dissolving into one smooth and soothing mixture. And then you come upon a view as such. It is difficult to not have a tear in your eye. It is difficult not to be overwhelmed. You close your eyes. And the existence of your being stands alone and suspended. In the same moment of comatose bliss, your being is most alive. 'Tis in that moment, that you experience true joy. Inner peace.

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