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Monday, January 7, 2013

Asaram Facepalm.

Right now, I am going to say that I am peaceful and a reasonable person. I do not wish to hurt any other person just because they said something, however unkind. As a proponent of the right to absolute Freedom of Speech, I would accord that liberty to every citizen of India. Unfortunately, I am also not the kind of person, who will bury his anger deep inside. So, the best compromise that I have found, is to ramble and rant in cyberspace. These black and white bits provide the necessary catharsis. I also do apologize in advance, for my profane words and accusations. It is just me, trying to vent some anger, in the most politically correct way that I could find. Also, to make perfectly clear, I am not in the least homophobic and do not wish to present that already repressed section of society, in a wrong light. 

Asaram Bapu, as he is called, is a religious figure in India with a considerable fan following. In his latest brain farts, he comes out and cleanly accuses the gang rape victim of being equally responsible for the horrible atrocities that she had to suffer at the hands of her perpetrators. "Taali do haath se bajti hai", which when translated to English, means "It takes 2 hands to clap". I propose this. And this is only a proposal. As and when this brain-dead guru is alone in his rich haven, trying to catch a bit of rest after bullshitting people all day long, I and 5 clones of me catch hold of him. Tie his feet up and then tear his clothes out. Take turns raping him, utterly, without taking so much as a bit of rest. And after our bodies are spent, take a rusty old crowbar, and attempt to disembowel him through his colon. With all the force left in the 6 me's. Repeatedly, thrust that piece of blunt metal into his body to violate any semblance of human and humanity left in him. And I keep repeating that action, till he says, "Please do not hurt me. I am only your brother ". At which point, the next course of action would be to beat him senseless with that same crowbar, carry him out in a vehicle, throw him out in wilderness where only hyenas will find him and then try to run him over with the vehicle.

I write this grisly analogical reminder, of the horrible turn of events to serve as a reminder to anybody who wants to say that the girl was at blame. If your hormones and misogyny are not under your control, it is not the girl who is at fault.

As an addendum, I am going to try and name every person who holds the same view. I won't be shocked if the list is quite long and includes some very famous/powerful/educated/erst-while sensible people.

Abu Azmi - Politician of the SP party.
Vibha Rao -
Mohan Bhagwat. - RSS Chief
Abhijeet Mukherjee - Son of the current President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.
Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar- Trinamool Congress MP.
Anisur Rahaman - Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader
Satyapal Singh - Mumbai Police Chief (Not exactly the same accusation, but calling sex education responsible for rapes is just plain stupid.)


  1. I sincerely believe that he is not even worth thinking so much. He is a stupid asshole as are others like Bhagwat and khap panchayat folks. So do not boil your blood. These people can talk because somebody notices them.

    1. They are in positions that are powerful enough for them to see that people actually follow their stupid rules.

  2. There was a huge flex poster proclaiming a lecture by this Asaram guy at Alandi, today and tomorrow, near SNDT. I was just coming from there. Saw a few brave girls go up there, tear it out and burn it. There were lot of police around there to see that no violence erupts. If after all this, he has a following, then they deserve what they get from him.

    1. He is, still a small problem, pending his fans. He does not make political decisions. Neither does he influence them. I want to impart the same treatment to people in power enough to actually go through with their words.

  3. True to an extent. Why our desi Media does not make similar hue and cry in our 'Brave Jawan's' death by our enemy soldier. Does the women in the country will have liberty once the country is captured by savage masters like Pakistan or China. Is not it a more serious issue than the local crime issue, desi media is highlighting since last 2-3 fortnight. I wish we are once again slaved by much savage culture (of course China/Pakistan) than Angrej. Then girls will probably visit fearlessly to PVR???

    1. I think its a completely different matter and not related to this. And I think the country is taking it seriously enough to put the army on war footing.