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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long Story Short.....

Thanks to Harsh Mankodi for sparking this train of thought. That is all the credit he is going to get for now....:P

Turning magnet coils,
Antennas and transmission lines
A mess of metal and charge
Long story short

Mammoth mass of sound
Feet stomping the ground
A mess of necessity and obligations
Long Story Short

Crawlings of a ink
Color, paper and words sink
A mess of emotions to convey
Long story short

Words spearing through the ether
Heard sometimes or the deaf ear
Distance of said and done
Long story short

Million nerves run amok
Powering the train of thought
Decisions Black, white and grey
Long Story short

The intangibles
Smiles, tears and quibbles
What you don't see is more than what you get
Long Story short

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