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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Walk this dry earth
barren and desolate.
Bare feet scraping death,
Eyes thirst for the sight of life

He seems not lost
for there is nowhere to go
Horizon as bleak as the future
Reap what, when you cannot sow?

In time and repentance,
he drops to his knees
Dried blood and moist tears
he lets flow and touch the ground

Lets out an anguished cry
And asks forgiveness.
with the purest of hearts
Dry lips to the hard earth, kiss.

And springs forth a sound,
A fountain of life.
Showers over the cracks,
Covering the marks of strife.

Thunders the voice
"I forgive you too
Don't erase the past
Let it serve as reminder
For life to flourish abundant
Let us start anew"

This lyric has an added metaphor to itself, especially in the current state of India. I wish, people would forgive and forget. Vengeance may be necessary, but survival is utmost. Trust, it seems, is the missing piece in the puzzle. 

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