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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Bits float around me
Like stars in a galaxy
and caught in this flow, celestial

Swimming through the nebulous light,
of notes and pitch and green and yellow;
Hanging on to the unseen tether,

                anchored in the unknown.

Like surfing in a feral gale,
Violent brush against my skin.
A million worlds rush by,
The heat of friction keeping them alive

Flail of hand and I catch a globe,
Blue green red and yellow;
Morphing microbes of light,
leave a tracer trail behind.

Caught in this spiral,
pulling me inside,
I cling on to these wings,
Carry me over, this envelope .

Seconds escape breath
On collision course with certainty
Hold the air in, lungs glowing hot
my wings let go, crashing through the stream

Plunging into the pitch black dense
Bits fall away from me
I try to grab another world
in this end, celestial.


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