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Monday, January 17, 2011

Truth be told....

My personal eulogy to Darrell "Dimebag" Lance Abbott. And what his life stands for. As it says on his gravestone,

"He came to rock ....and he rocked like no other. With the heart twice the size of Texas, our beloved brother, companion, mentor, idol and friend....We love you Dime......Until we meet again. "

Streaks down a tear
from the pain I did not feel
A sigh of anguish
Under no tragedy did I reel.

I feel the blood gush away
but fail to locate the wound
losing my conscious being
with clarity in sight and sound

Physically disconnected I am, i know
From you, from him and from multitude
The result and reaction
this knowledge of separation does not preclude

In me,I stare into
A fire built up
by the light shone by all of you
And in me you see yourselves
like a mirror reflection
Shining back, true

Hide from this, I won't
Not without shrouding myself
In perennial darkness
Ignore this truth, I can't
Not without dismantling
Structure where my belief rests

Embrace this essence
of being one unto many
and Masses unto one
For only this may
stand true in test
and make me human.

1 comment:

  1. ""You waged your war of nerves
    But you can't crush the kingdom
    Can't be what your idols are
    Can't leave the scar
    You cry for compensation
    I ask you please just give us...
    5 minutes alone""