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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review : Fuji FinePix S1800

I think it's been enough time for me to give a fair evaluation of the Fuji. Go elsewhere for the tech specs and bullshit. Simple pros and cons sounds good to me.


1. Excellent colour reproduction.
2. Well balanced. Not too heavy, great ergonomics.
3. Runs on AA batteries, but will give Li-ion batteries a run for their money any day. (Clicked 280 images at full load and there was juice enough to click more.)
4. Manual controls work well.
5. 18x zoom is really usable and works well with the Image Stabilisation


1. The software is really fucked up. Maybe Fuji should hire some good people to write the software. Hangs up when some settings are changed. Contact Infosys....:P. They might do better.

2. Full manual control is a lie. You have to find the best possible setting amongst the given modes.

3. The sensor does not work well when shooting at 12 Megapixels. Downgrading the resolution to 9 megapixels solved this problem. But i think that's the problem with most cameras nowadays. Crammed with so many pixels, the sensors are just not up to the mark.

4. Sometimes does not respond to routine button presses. Again, i guess something to do with the software. Infosys, please....you hear me?.....:P.

For sample images, let me know. All in all, I think, fantastic value for money. I got it for $151 from Amazon. A good megazoom for people who aspire to graduate onto DSLR's.

A good, reliable review can be found at:

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