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Friday, May 28, 2010

A proper song

Writing around a given topic is not what i am really good at. With me, stuff usually comes more with a flow, a certain mood, a certain frame of mind. This song, had been in the making for almost 10 months. Does not make for good reading, but trust me, a kick-ass riff and machine gun tempo and some nasty vocals would make it a good, hard , fast metal number. (Wish that would happen some time soon.....:|....)

Get drunk on the energy within
on the vials of adrenaline
Be one, go with the flow

Feel the shiver of your hand
Feet unsure on trembling sand
A chill run down your spine

Throat runs dry, hurts bad
troubles up front, no time to be sad
Grab it by the scruff of its neck

The blur vanishes into crystal clear
You know now, there is no place for fear
Charge up and lock horns yeah

Feel the energy in your veins
your muscles hurt, but there ain't no pain
Turbo heart unleashes itself

Sweat trickles down your brow
Skin glistens, vigour does grow
You are ready for more, much more

Addictive,every dose of it
Strength to get up after every hit
Get high
Unravel and fly
Antidote, don't stupefy


  1. gives the 'heavy metal-ish' feel :)
    different :)
    me likes:)

  2. Arey bharri... jast nahi kalala .. But i can imagine that with the heavy guitar and drums ... Hope to listen the song soon ...

  3. i second Pramod..ani tula parwa head banging karatna pahilay tya mule andaaj aala :P

  4. Crazy...:P...in SOAD style...:):)

  5. @Indi, Pramod, Sanyo.....thanks!
    @Vinay....yeah, SOAD + LOG + METALLICA....:)

  6. Is is just me or there's awesome electric guitar background music to this post?

  7. @Praj.....its just u.....but that would sound awesome