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Monday, May 31, 2010

The First Rain......

Welcome, O winds from the South
carrying the moist essence of life

you have travelled long miles
to the parch miseries of the great land

you send cool winds, to signal
your coming, auspicious arrival

the breeze carries your message
to longing eyes, to parched throats

their eyes are fixed on the horizon
for the winged bearer of the confirmation

for when the day does finally arrive
and the leaves stand still in raptured obeisance

O Indra, you shall strike first
Accompanying the thunderous music

Send down your bolts as a curtain raiser
To the dance of new life

One drop, followed by many more
strike the grateful many standing below

where the scent of the mud, enlivens all
Goads them to cross their doorstep into the open

Make a grand entry, O Varuna, Jaldeva
Bring your powers to bear, to bless

Bhoomi, furnaced by the heat, is exalted
with erotic freshness and emanating scent

From the Ganga to the smallest rivulets
Thank for the replenishment, roar with new energy

Leaves and bark, covered with dust and brown
Set free, show their true hue again

Sprout life, tell a story of hope
same hope, which keeps them alive till you come around again, O great showers!


  1. wah kya diversity hai...
    one day I read something on the lines of heavy metal, and the next day something similar to some archaic Indian poet...
    Way to go dude! :)

  2. sahi re manya ...
    I love ur blog image .. the rock devil's sign ...

  3. nice dear!! :)
    And if those pics are captured by you then to tu baap hote ja raha hai even in photography!

  4. @All....Muchos Gracias!
    @Komu...the images are the sad part....still borrowing images....but will get there, dont u worry!

  5. thers no tornado.u saved this one...:P:P


  6. good one manan :). the one about the train journey was also decent.