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Thursday, March 18, 2010

R.I.P. Asheem....

I know i am the last person to know about this and i am a lazy bum and all that. But that still does not reduce the impact of this loss. Asheem Chakravarty, was the tabla player and lead vocalist for Indian Ocean. Ever known as the man with the golden voice, his vocals on tracks like Bandeh and Kandisa are immortal. Being largely self taught, its amazing how a tabla player can sing at the same time, that too so well. His patterns on the tabla and style of playing were not exactly conventional, but that made up the core sound of Indian Ocean along with Susmit Sen on the guitar.

He passed away on 25th December 2009, from cardiac arrest. I just got to know this 3 weeks back, around the time they were supposed to play a concert in Pune. It really bummed me out to know that he was no more and Indian Ocean were going to play without him.

For me, Indian Ocean has a special warm place in my heart. Kandisa is the first song i played on stage and Bandeh is as i often call it, "The most jammed song". Each of those jams with Sumit on vocals, Ameya on bass, Chirayu on guitars....just blazing away! The jams will keep coming. But just with a tinge of sadness. This is to Asheem Chakravarty......R.I.P.!

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