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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Being away from playing music for so long, makes one a little nostalgic and a little short tempered. Besides writing songs and drum parts for whatever music might occur in the future, I am constantly drawing inspiration from my heroes on the drum kit, people who have carved their name and earned a righteous place in a great race of musicians. This is my little tribute to them.

First up, my hero, Lars Ulrich. He is the first drummer i saw in a video, i think it was St. Anger ,a crazy Danish rascal with a penchant for drinking and making a lot of noise with his band mates in Metallica. I don't know what struck me first, his energy, innovativeness or just his attitude and how it came out in their songs. But does not matter anymore. Lars Ulrich from Metallica.

Recommended listen : Master Of Puppets

Next comes who i consider to be the best drummer in the world. Looking purely from a musicians point of view, a band that stands out as the sum of the best musicians in the world playing their respective instruments, Mike Portnoy has long been the face and public voice of Dream Theater. His huge drum kits, his OCD with DT stuff and more than all that, the amazing drum parts he has written for DT and various side projects. Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater.

Recommended listen : Home

Naturally gifted, serene on the surface, but explosive in his playing. He has been the percussive artillery, landing explosive shells on the listeners when he takes over the drum kit with Slayer and Fantomas. Dave Lombardo, widely known as the "Godfather" of double bass drumming, was the single reason why I started listening to Slayer. Pure evil, in the songs and the drumming, Dave sets a benchmark for drummers when it comes to velocity and sheer power that this type of music requires. Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Lombardo from Slayer.

Recommended listen : Angel of death

This guy is a techie. He is a Network Engineer and a Microsoft certified analyst. I came to know all that only after i read his page on Wikipedia. To me, he is the self taught, amazing Chris Adler, the almost metronomic drum machine from Richmond, Virginia. Listening to Lamb of God songs like "Descending" and "Black Label", you cannot but wonder at how good he is on the double bass and also at unconventional drumming chops that he has invented and made his own. Chris Adler from Lamb Of God.

Recommended listen : Black Label

I discovered this guy through the website of a magazine called "Modern Drummer". watching a video clip of this guy playing a drum solo, i could not help but be amazed at how powerful his drumming was, the symmetrical kit he had drawn up and also the two handed symmetrical style of drum playing. Another "guy" to come out of Berklee, Jason Bittner is an exquisite drummer, who evokes words like finesse and panache in the world of heavy metal drumming where power and speed are revered more than anything. Go to MD website and watch his videos and know what i am rambling about. Jason Bittner from Shadows Fall.

Recommended listen : The power of I and I

All the drummers above are part of a certain band, a certain music type. This drummer, is a guy who does not subscribe to any genre. What is even better, is he is a guy who has inspired tons of drummers with his ingenuity. Not being stereotyped and constrained to play any one type of music, this drummers talent quite literally knows no bounds. I came to know about him when i started listening to "Supernatural" by Santana and am still discovering this guy, 8 years on. This here is Mr Dennis Chambers.

Recommended listen : Dance music for Borneo Horns #13

Anyone who enjoys jazz music would want to listen to this mans work. He has been around for more than 50 years and is still fit enough to enthrall people with his drumming, everywhere around the world. A toast to the guy and am indebted to him for he led me to the beautiful world of jazz music which i enjoy to this day and will in the future too. Folks this is Roy Haynes.

Recommended listen : Sweet Disposition

A drummer who is widely regarded as the best in the world of rock as also the craziest, in the same breath. His drumsticks were known as trees, for they were very heavy. His right foot was quick enough to beat a double bass pedal set. And he is known to have ill treated his nervous system with the kind of alcohol consumption that would make the Stiflers, from the American Pie series weep like a baby. His death, from excessive drinking, was a shock the music world is still recovering from as it ended the existence of one of the greatest bands in the world. The greatest band, if you ask me. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

Recommended listen : Moby Dick

These are the people who introduced me to the world of drumming and still are the greatest sources of inspiration for me. I might see better or so drummers in the future, but it all started here. Genesis.

P.S. : Please use Wikipedia and Youtube generously for any help you might need.....:)


  1. good post, but dont you think these guys deserve a blog post each!!
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  2. @eddie....yeha man they do deserve an individual post each.....lets say this is the Table of Contents with a little summary.....:)