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Monday, January 11, 2010

As the sunset reckons....

All of us find solace in something or the other. Everyone of us finds peace in something, someone.....to keep in touch with our own sanity. It is inevitable that you return to whatever you hold on to, sooner or later.

For oft in the daily grind
as the sunset reckons
to gather my wares
and head for home

for when the toil
for hours filled with sweat and blood
has taken its toll
on muscle and soul

i run to her
right into her arms
for the magic touch
and the soothing voice

for in her embrace
one finds rest
and her arms
the healing

Where the rare elixir
makes all pains disappear
all the ugliness
dissolved in fragrant ether

When sensory perception
reach out to out and beyond
revitalise and invigorate
the conscience

words and voice
a collage by unknown
form a mould
from unto which
when you break out
the air is always fresher
the vision much clearer
a simple smile
and peace descends upon thee.