Looking for something, are we?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


How happy do we feel
when we first talk in the day
the first words
and find all the things we want to say

talk about loving
and living together
talk about sharing and
bonding forever

what shall happen
in due course of time
when we of course shall tie the knot
i become yours and you become mine

what shall happen to our talks
our curiosity and joys
the longing and the yearning
Of being happy and annoyed?

Will the magic be lost
in the mechanical grind
of everyday life we lead
so lost and left all behind

will love survive
if the charm is all but lost
to be close to each other,
can we count that huge a cost?

If we can keep
our emotions alive
our warmth true
and see eye to eye

thats all i could ask for
for living with you is all i want
in our arms i will breathe to life
breathe until i no longer can.