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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Birthday Party

"Is this where Jim lives?"
Queried the postman Klaus,
By the gleam in his eye you could tell
something special it was

"That will be me i think,"
said a boy with delight
No more than twenty he was
From what gathers ones sight

"Happy Birthday Jim"
"Methinks, the gift has found its bearer"
Said the card and the postman
to make the moment clearer

Jim,his joy knew no bounds,
Grabbed the packet and rushed in
Set it down on the table
eyeing it with an infectious grin

Tore open he, the shimmering red paper
that bedecked what he was about to behold
"Oh heavenly joy, its a fountain pen"
Bejewelled in precious gold

Jim held it high and danced
and whirled around on his toes
Pearls streamed down his cheeks
"Tears of joy", as the saying goes.

Amidst the rejoicing
Again did the bell ring
Stopping his heart for just w beat
Anxiously waiting in glee

Called out another delivery boy
For our boy Jim,
a sparkling parcel he too had
Jim's joy knew not how to dim

So began a constant trickle of gifts,
a deluge it turned out to be
Many had wished him well
and prayed, long live may he.

Jim smiled, for he knew
How by all, he was loved
By distant relative of flesh and blood
Friends and kind souls unheard

And then the clock called time
for the cake to be cut
FOr candles to be blown out
And for the music to unshut

Sure enough,
'twas a chocolate cake
One with cream and cherries on top
Must have taken an effort to bake

As he held the knife
and blew the candles out
He could hear the singing
and clapping all about

"And here goes the first piece,"
"Who wants this from me?"
With his gleaming blue eyes
No one around him, could he see

The music was playing
the bulbs glowing soft and bright
But there was not a face
He could see in his sights

And with an unflinching heart
He realises whats been all along
He is the only one there
Among solo dance and silent song

For all those gifts
Travelled mile and day
And came back to the same door
where now they lay

For resulted they
from memories existent
Of being all alone
Tender of age and unabundant

But far from it
Jim enjoys his time
He sings and dances and fools around
and also does the pantomime

He plays the perfect host
He holds no sorrow
He bids his guests farewell
"Good night, drive safe and see you tomorrow!"

What happiness it is
That money could buy
Drape a shimmering cloak over reality
And be glad to live a lie

Was Jim wrong
in not feeling sad
In deceiving himself
with what he never had?


  1. Hey mutton this was a bit heavy dose for me early i the morning ... in am still trying to figure what mood did u write this in ?

  2. :)

    I know how it feels :)
    Hope you ve had a good bday :)

  3. @Indrani..I had a fantastic birthday...and how do u knoow how that feels?

    @ChirAG....i was thinking about the birthday i had....and then thoughts just drifted elsewhere.....