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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please be seated........somebody is watching!

Amidst all the heavy metal tumult and VLSI silence, i took some minutes to free my mind. Wandering into the living room, where the tube was transmitting some people screaming. And i thought, "Oh great. Thats what i wanted." Since we have only Doordarshan at our place (yeah....thanks), it was the Question Hour from Lok Sabha being thrust onto our eyes and ears and minds (optional.....but we are so very susceptible). Being so desperate for a change, i decided to bear with that stuff for a couple of 60-seconders.

There was Minister, presumably for the Medicine and Health ministry trying to read something from a ragtag chit in his hand and answer somebody's query. And there was the din of a zoo all around.The camera swung to show the Opposition chip munks on screen and i could not believe my eyes. There was like earnest protest from 2 member of the Opposition. The rest of their kin
was just standing in the background and grinning from ear to ear as if a child is eying a great bar of Toblerone. Boisterous to the extent of irresponsible, they just did not let the proceedings of the House go in any direction but dead South. And Mrs. Meera Kumar, with all due respect was the proverbial fish out of water. Nothing she did would pacify these idiots (not that she did much anyway, just an occasional nod of the head, stare from above the glasses or a wave of the benighted index finger of her right hand) and so the respected Minister had to sit his jolly ass down. And the Opposition grins grew wider, spilling out of their faces onto other peoples faces.

This was disgusting. No let me put it as it is. Debauchery and depravity on National Television, broadcast live to a billions viewers (rather to whoever who cared to watch or people like me looking for a refreshment and who were trapped).I agree that debate and argument is necessary, to peruse an issue at hand, look at it with a keener and clearer eye. But this was rape of whatever we know as healthy debate in the interest of the people.

P.S.: Please tune into Doordarshan at 11am, weekdays, to watch it again.

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