Looking for something, are we?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The train whistled its way through the bleak and cloudy night. Cutting a tunnel through the chilly air. He peered hard through the window bars to look out. Searching for something that was unknown to him too. The landscape was dotted with innocuous little lights.Marking the scene not unlike stars on a clear cloudless night. The light bouncing off the slightly perplexed surface of waterbodies, revealing an almost divine shimmering quality. The absence of any human features was almost mollifying. No begging hands, unheeded sympathies. No unwanted prolixity. The fact that the train was still moving, unbalked, unhindered towards the next mile and indeed the next dawn made him uneasy. If life was made of small moments, little incidents stitched together, why could it not be the same moment repeated over and over again? A flash question, he pondered over it for a while, smiled at the answer and then lost his conscious self in the blanket of sleep with the wind brushing his face softly.


  1. nice pic... :)...

    dunno why but this reminds me of Hogwarts Express :)