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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ich kenne ein bisschen Deutsch..........

Entschuldigen Sie.........I am sorry, it does not mean i am swearing at you (which by some measure is my default behaviour). Its just that the effect of learning German has not sparred any of the senses. Its exhilarating to say or to feel. You get to be a kid and to some extent you have to be a small kid to learn a new language.

The repetition, colour pencils, songs, home work........its just amazing fun. But well it isn't exactly doing great things for my Englisch.....oops English.....was what i meant.

Attempting the GRE means having the 50 word lists down pat. At least thats what is expected when you book your seat. And all are not exactly easy. Some words are really alien and no matter how many tips and tricks you employ, your mental faculties just stubbornly refuse to register.

And here is where it gets interesting. German isn't exactly a close cousin of English. Much more cognitive with Sanskrit. Which makes things worse. In other words, the only thing in common between these two languages is the script (and a few words) and...............nothing else.

Nevertheless, as i have already said, its huge fun. Its like your imagination has earned wings the size of Madagascar! Every new word learned, be it German or English, is something new earned. For life. Which is why, i won't like to have it any other way.

Two languages, two different directions. More accurately represents how life goes most of the times. A choice every few steps. Where the paths meet, is for you to decide. For me as of now, German is a hobby and English is a lifeline.

P.S.: I realise that this babble is going to far. Some important and useful details then. There IS a Max Mueler Bhavan in Pune, contrary to what a lot of people feel. Their courses are recognised by all German Universities and hence highly sought for. Cost more than twice of what is being offered outside, but thats not exactly a stumbling block. The quality of tutors and the method of teaching is more than worth the price. As i have said twice, its huge fun.

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  1. das post ist sehr gut...
    vielen dank fur die auskunft :)

    (i hope this is grammatically correct... m not in touch with german... so i really dnt remember much(or rather, i can recollect next to nothing) :D)