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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just read a hindi poem by Sandip Khare (thanks to Ketaki for forwarding it.). Just could not resist the urge to pen it in English. Mixing it with something going through my mind now-a-days.

the original poem can be read at:

And this is what i penned

rain and me, we often united
in love and life,
in sorrow and strife.
rain and me , we often united.

and then i met u..........

but the sacred trinity of us,
was never meant to be
co incidence may be
but the trinity was never meant to be.

begged a lot, i did.
scarred my knees.
praying to both of you
praying i never did cease

but now no longer
can i hold,
resolved , yes i have
three of us together be the only truth be told.

so now i wander, ragged and anxious,
with the rain drops in my eyes
Holy co-incidence it might then be
you, me and the rain , together under the skies.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

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