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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Of late, the mystery of existence and its reason has been hanging heavy on the shoulders of my brain. (I am a little drunk. Bear with me.) Why are we here? What are we here to do? And regurgitating on thoughts swirling around questions as such, leads to the question :

What are my rights as a human being? And what are the responsibilities that come with it?

My starting point is always the same - how life started. A firm believer in Darwinian evolution, survival is the key. It is the mother of all necessities. Things, we would not think of doing under normal circumstances, we will readily grapple with, if it came to our survival. 

That said, I agree with Richard Dawkins when he says that a Darwinian society would be a terrible place to live. But it does not change the fundamental rules of this game called The Human Life. And hence, this is my pitch. 

I have the right to live. As a being that came into this world, I think I should be allowed a natural death. 

The responsibility - I will not inflict on somebody, a condition that I would not want somebody else to inflict on me. Seems very sensible when you hear it, but its not the way the present world is run. 

And that, I would like to think, is the seed of all the other rules and laws that have come to be in the world. The ones that are not conducive to the survival of the human species will be eradicated with time. All will be tested in the burning white heat of survival. What remains, shall endure. 

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