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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Nightmare to Remember.....

I do not know if it is the wine talking, but let the words have their way regardless. I think the pain will never go away. Only the throbs of it keep getting milder, a bit more bearable, if you might. Tears rolled down when I heard the song live, in the memory of somebody who I can no longer share it with. But the memory will live on, especially every time the song plays.

I left the tears behind, when the song unraveled in front of me. When amidst the whirlwind of musical notes, any and all cries were lost in the sound. After stepping out of the door, it felt like closure. An assurance, that I would remember the great memories and be able to live with the darker ones, for "....If I die tomorrow, I'll be alright, because I believe, that after its gone........the spirit carries on."

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  1. The pain is there to stay. With time its intensity reduces. or we like to think it has reduced. Or the brain is wired such that it does. But the pain is there to stay. Its also the pain which reminds us of fond times....irony! But such is life my dear....and this shall pass too....