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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teach me how to catch a fish....

"I also feel that a very good chess player might not necessarily turn out to be a very good coach." - Vishwanathan Anand,

Essentially highlights one of the most important things that I see wrong with the Indian education system. For example : In the engineering colleges that fall under the University of Pune, a fresh graduate with a Bachelor degree can teach a Bachelors undergraduate class. Without experience, with no formal training of how to speak on a public platform, handle students, communicate effectively or even hold a piece of writing chalk properly. I am pretty sure this malady is not a resident of Pune alone.

Another notion that is wildly popular : If you do not find a job in the industry, you are fit enough to teach. Well, the teaching profession is not necessarily the right place for the rejects of the corporate world, because as a teacher, the person can hamper the educational development of many people at once. Making a student lose interest leads to worse results, not to mention the loss of respect for the teaching position and profession.

I am sure this is not the complete picture. Salaries, geographical location, family commitments are all a part of this. But the fact remains : Treating teaching like a second grade profession will essentially set you back.

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