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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Right to be free.....

Let me post this first up,

"It is to be noted that section 69 of the Act, which is an exception to the general rule of maintenance of privacy and secrecy of the information, provides that where the Government is satisfied that it is necessary in the interest of:
  • the sovereignty or integrity of India,
  • defence of India,
  • security of the State,
  • friendly relations with foreign States or
  • public order or
  • for preventing incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence relating to above or
  • for investigation of any offence,
it may by order, direct any agency of the appropriate Government to intercept, monitor or decrypt or cause to be intercepted or monitored or decrypted any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer resource. This section empowers the Government to intercept, monitor or decrypt any information including information of personal nature in any computer resource."

For the full article and more on the Information Technology Act, here is the link:

Now as said above, when I demean or in simpler terms, talk shit about Digvijay Singh or Kapil Sibal, I do not tick any of the above boxes. These faggots are a meagre joke on the face of Indian politics among many other names that I will not bother to name. Mr. Sibal, the only visible thing that I have to be thankful to you for, is the $35 tablet PC (which you DID NOT CREATE, so stop taking credit for it) and the list, I think ends there. So when you talk about taking away my freedom to criticize you on my blog or FB profile or Twitter account, I think it is OK that I swear and curse.

And with the whole Caravan article about Arindham Chaudhari and the brouhaha that came in the wake of that, tell me that the Information Technology Act cannot be used to subdue Freedom of Speech and be misused to harass innocent people.  In that case, the article cited facts and was merely a critical essay. And that pony tailed fuckface had it thrown off the web in India. Well, not entirely, though. It can still be found on  millions of mirror sites. Go Google! And if you want to refute this, please   try to apologize to Gaurav Sabnis and try Arindham for wasting the Courts' time. I would really not be surprised if my family gets a summons because of this.

So, dear Mr Kapil Sibal sir, go fuck yourself in the ass. I might have respected you in the past, but you just made my shit list, which isn't saying much because you are next to Arindham Chaudhari and Mayawati. And also because I cannot do jack shit about either of you. But still, go anal on yourself. 


  1. I don't think that this is an appropriate choice of words to express your opinion. If you read carefully, reporters or good writers do not even a single abusive word but still make their point very clear.
    And because your focus is on abusing them, I guess you have lost the core of this issue.
    The core of the issue is all this is completely perspective based. When I curse India for something, in my opinion it would be a correct thing to do and for Mr.Kapil Sibbal it may not be. So the simplest thing is to ignore it if you don't like it. In my opinion reality shows are bhukkad, so I don't watch them as simple as that.
    For everything if you start policing, India will have to make highest recruitment of lawyers and policemen than any country in the world.

  2. @Sanyo....that is why I cited the case of Gaurav Sabnis....he had his opinions and his say about something....but by using the Act, Gaurav was harassed into giving up his job, is facing a court case in Silchar and the original essay cannot be legally posted for anybody else to have an opinion about IIPM and Arindham Chaudhari.....that is what the Act can do.....more restraints means more censorship means more indictments means more harassment.......it does not remain merely a case of opinion.....it becomes a crime......