Looking for something, are we?

Monday, August 15, 2011


Yes. Another big tick mark in my life. If it keeps going at this rate, I do not want to live beyond 50. Or so I think.

Today I saw this, The Starry Night.

A masterpiece from that most eccentric of painters, Vincent Van Gogh. A Dutchman, who had radically different ideas and executed them in a unique way. The layers of oil paint. The spirals of unguided rails. The only conventional thing about this painting, is probably and I say probably, the subject. But even that is rendered in a very radical hand.

But it was not very pleasant. I though I would have 4 orgasms every second when I see this painting. But I was rather very cross. Not with the art. Never. It was the people. Them clicking pictures. Them not staying there even 30 seconds to admire what was done. Glance at the painting, check the painters name, take a pic and immediately post it to Facebook and Google+. And then move on. Where was the desire? Where was the curiosity and the joy? Where was the outcry? No poetic justice for that genius.

I walked away. Sad about what my favourite painting of all time was reduced to. But, the happiness far outlives the gloom. Because every time I look at it, just makes me want to live to achieve. Something momentous. Someday........


  1. I don't know if its the problem with my eyes but when I saw photo on wikipedia that painting was more in blue colour and this more in purple colour. may be it is the light which has created this difference.
    What you say is true...lokana ekhadi goshta baghun aapalyala kay watala kinwa kahi samajala ka ya peksha te fb war taknyatach dhanyata watate... that is one of the reasons i hate fb.

  2. They would not listen, they're not listening still.
    Perhaps they never will...