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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Venomous arms of death....

Finally wrote a death metal song!......yay....let it reign!

Green tentacles
reaching out from within
clasping your neck
and you cannot run away

Can't break free
can't seem to breathe
Throttling to dense darkness
Eyes fading into oblivion

Intense throbs of agony
Running through your veins
Pain conveying the fact
the reason is inane

One vial at a time
the venom gathered strength
New found power at first,
Renewed curse it became

Die you shall now
for that is your fate
you are served at the hands
of that which you create

P.S. : Just to make clear that I have not ripped any Cannibal Corpse song off here. They are way too awesome. I just like the artwork.

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