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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Leaves green, fly away;
Melt into autumns charm.
Yellow laid they a carpet,
On the soil so calm.

Silent are the nooks from whence,
spoke beautifully the koel.
Sweeps on the deserted stems,
Diabolic the gushing gale.

Carried afar, all the colours,
You charmed the spring away.
Dress sparkling of slade emeralds,
Hands holding the lights of life.

You smile away from a picture far,
surrounded by what you hold most dear.
Your abode of proesperity and peace,
Kept safe from the shadow of a tear.

Promise to who in foreign land lives;
your return will be imminent.
In full splendor and glory resplendent;
For he counts every minute and moment,
for the welcome sound and scent.


  1. Stuck in Memories ....... just like the way you use the words, keep going :)

  2. :)
    Beautiful... very beautiful.. and touching :)

  3. This is mild manan stuff... too good

  4. @Chirag...."Mild Manan stuff".....ROFLMAO!.....thanks for the compliment though!