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Thursday, October 28, 2010


What do you do when you there is despair all around, when depression has gotten the better of you? Well, of course you do not give up living. You, being human, given the opportunity to do something, go ahead, and well, do something. Let me tell you of one story, rather fable that I know of. 

It was Birmingham in the mid-sixties. This chap lost three finger tips in a machine shop accident. Hence he could not play the guitar, for his night job in the pub. Instead of sulking in the corner and crying over his fate, he got some plastic tips for his fingers, down tuned his guitars, changed his strings to banjo strings. In this process , he invented a sound, THE sound of heavy metal. Today every metal guitar player, every band in fact on the face of this planet owes a debt musically to this person. The guy in focus is Tony Iommi and the band was called Black Sabbath. The rest as they say, is legend. Bow down to the riff lord...\m/


  1. Bhaari re... Thanks a lot Man-cyclopedia for such inspiring tid-bits :)

  2. nice.. hardly ne one knows about it..

  3. Read it as "Man-cyclopedia" ;)

  4. @Pratik....thanks for the new title....
    @Sourabha...you should really read the whole story, there are plenty of books on Black Sabbath that u can get your hands on......

  5. don't know much about heavy metal..but will remember this story always...