Looking for something, are we?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts in a Mumbai local train......

Oh, still the noise
the rush and the bustle.
Leave me alone,
blank yourselves out.
Push those earphones in a little more.
Listen to what they say,
isolating whats outside, whats real.

And when the surroundings shut out
its only shapes moving.
Lips shaping and faces contorting
Silent emotions spewing, in vain.

Shielding themselves
in their own little microcosms
Face reflecting a collage
part fear, part anger
part apathy and part hope

And all i can do
is look at all this and smile
mutterand babble something to myself
and enter the shell of my own little world.


  1. ......"and enter the shell of my own little world"....
    wherin thghts flow,make me feel tht i am a poet...
    indulged into th past and a moment later back to rush ....

    bohot sahi hai.........

  2. good one manan... you have put your words in precise way... kudos!

  3. Aaawadla!! Keen observation !



    PS: (Thank you for dropping by my blog! I am honoured!)