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Friday, April 11, 2008

Sorry.................honest or bullshit?!?

how often do we use the word sorry? i mean just during the lunchtime, having a good game of table tennis, i was uttering that word for every point gained on the net. for every shot that went over table and for every service missed. that apart from the stamping people's feet, hitting others noses et al. this is a story of just 20 minutes, what is the scope of this word in the 24 hours that every new day gives us?

by what i have managed to gather from the 201480 hours of being alive is that the single most important reason that spawned the use of this word is that it believes in the principle that , we as humans take failures as lessons and tend to learn from them. as an intelligent creature also endowed with emotional expression and quotient , it sends out a promise to some known/unknown entity that the mistake would not be repeated lest one faces dire consequences. not even then if one were to stick with one's decision.

but today what i see more often is (myself included in this fucking sick process) is that we tend to use it as a means of escape. saying sorry is like doing something and getting away with it. the first reaction is to say "sorry". it feels like you have been purged. even if that is temporarily , it does. (ok , i might be talking about very limited number of scenarios here , but still, think about it.) a very easy door to getting your breath back. rather than taking that asphyxiation a bit more and dealing with it. like a piston hammering back and forth like it has to. mechanical habituation. makes me sick every time i think about it.

some people (rather most of you) might tend to disagree with me. might as well be. what i have done is cited my own observations and reasons and conclusions. but the probability of this happening is increasing and that just catches my attention. and i think someone thinks like wise!!!

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  1. Well i do not disagree completely.... but to some extent yes....
    i mean... sometimes u do mean it when u say "sorry" :)